I prayed about seeing Trina for over 3 years before I had an angel reading. After my first session, I couldn't believed I had waited so long. It was blissful, happily tearful and challenging (we will always get "homework" as Trina calls it, for continual growth and spiritual focus). I wonder if many sit in silence when working with Trina because of the accurate details and visions from spirit she can gift to her clients. During a Reiki session I had a coughing attacked, so I thought, and I was quiet embarrassed.  As she prepared me a cup of peach tea with her own hawthorn syrup following the Reiki, she said I did so well with the energy that was being pushed into my throat chakra where no activity was present, hence the surprise coughing spell. I was eased quickly and amazed. I've been working on throat chakra strength since. My spirituality has evolved and has become rooted with the help of my angels' guidance through Trina's gift.  She has changed my family's lives, as my mother and husband have enjoyed sessions with Trina also and a cleansing performed by Trina in our family's place of business. I thank God for giving me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and begin a beautiful relationship with Trina. The universe must have known she was to be in it all along!


Henry & Carol

 Trina is amazing!!!  She has brought us peace and happiness with our passed loved ones and hope and healing to us both in our readings



 WOW! So I had no idea what to expect for my first reading. I was a total skeptic only because I was new to the whole idea and thought it would be like the movie ghost! Needless to say it it nothing like the movie. Trina was very respectful of my nervousness to try something new and took the time to explain what she was doing. I greatly appreciated how she provided me with just enough information. It was amazing. It allowed me to have closure in area of my life that I needed closure in and allowed me to have a peace that I had not had for some time previously.  My second mini reading I was a little more comfortable with the idea since the first one made such an impact in my life. It was just what I needed to help me know I was headed in the right direction. The goal poster class was also amazing! I have done goal posters for the past 3 years and have always found that what we add on them comes to pass but I have had a hard time focusing my goals. Trina's class was great because you start off with a meditation which helps focus your mind and the canvas is just the right size to only get your top priority items. I also loved how the teaching on chakras and how to draw energy to the things we want in our lives. It was a different concept than I had done in the past I it was fun to incorporate what I learned into my goal poster this year. ~Bernadette


Randi J

I met Trina a couple years ago because of my sister. From the first day that I met Trina she has changed my life and my family. I have taken my children to her, my boyfriend and recommended numerous Friends. Trina is truly amazing. She is truly the best medium that I have ever met and I have gone to several people who claim to be psychic and a medium. Trina is not only the real thing, but the most special and amazing person myself and children have met. 


Lisa Z

My readings with Trina has been life-changing experiences! Not only did she connect me to my guide but she has given me a different outlook on my life's journey. She helped me see choices that I couldn't see before. Trina has a true gift of helping people and I feel so blessed to have her in my life! Thank you Trina, your strength and guidance is amazing!​ ~ Lisa Z.


Kevin B

Trina is the most wonderful person and spiritual teacher that you will ever meet! She helped me find my life's career through our sessions, I'm extremely happy going back to school to reach my goals. The one on one sessions are great for improving your life spiritually as Trina connects with spirit and your guides to help you work on what you need. If you do the things that spirit recommends you'll feel great and happy. You'll be impressed after sitting down with Trina on how much you can learn and improve your life through your sessions as long as your willing to do the work. Trina is a great friend of ours and we really are grateful for meeting her, she has helped me and my family shift through our sessions. I can't say enough great things about her, she is an amazing person !!