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this is me

 I was born and raised in Denver Colorado and I live in Thornton Colorado to be close to my family. I am a Hospice RN and I have a strong background with early childhood education.  I do work with sensitive and intuitive children with 1:1 work and teaching their families how to best support these light children. I have been married for 27 years and I have 3 children of my own and I also had the joy of having kinship foster child. All the children in my household are indigo/intuitive in some way or another.  So I have clear understanding of the challenges of raising intuitive children may present. 

My psychic powers were revealed when I was younger, I predicted my aunt Dorothy’s passing and also my grandfather Zahtila’s passing. I caused fear when I did predictions and this caused uncertainty.  I convinced myself that something was “wrong” with me and I started to shut out the psychic input.  I worked double-time at trying to be normal and fitting in.  This lead to non-confidence in my psychic abilities because I did not have the support system to nurture my abilities at the time.

So what change? I had several things happen at once, my oldest son was born.  A new light and essence embraced my world.  He was very psychic and intuitive, so much so it caused great fear and terror for him.  He was 2 years old and he was so afraid to go home from daycare because of the people he said lived at our home.  Our first home was haunted or you may say the spirits there did not want to leave yet.  My son could see and hear them like you and me.  He had night terrors and an absolute fear of our home.   At that time I was mostly shut down and I was confused and overwhelmed with what was happening.  I started to have these intense migraines that became incapacitating.  My best friend Susie lost her dad the year before and was really struggling with the grief. So I asked Susie to share a reading with me with local Psychic/Medium Deb Sheppard.  Susie was able to receive the closure for her dads passing and for me a whole new door was flung open.

 It turns out that the Universe was trying to tell me it was time to step into my power and truth. I followed metaphysical teachings since I was a teenager but always behind doors and rarely talked about my spiritual beliefs at that time.  So spirit decided to do a psychic intervention! A personal and spiritual awaking happened for me at this reading and a new path was laid out in front of me to step towards.  I was shown I could no longer suppress my psychic abilities because I was also suppressing who I was inside.    I found out that the migraines were caused because I was not letting the psychic energy to come in and flow.  Deb had me take some classes with her to learn how to balance the energy flow and embrace who I was.  My life has never been the same. 

I trained with Deb Sheppard and Jan Katayama for over 4 years. The training included empowerment, psychic connections, and an overall energy balancing.   Jan introduced the world of shamanism to me and drumming circles.  The first time I heard a drumming circle I wanted to cry because I felt at home for the first time in a long time.  I did an intense 2 year program with Karen Rice King based on Sandra Ingerman’s shamanic studies. I have and continue to do studies with Eva Black Tail Swan on Cherokee Medicine.  I am also a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner and Past Life Healer by Dr. Doreen Virtue and continue to follow many of her teachings. I have done a 3 year program on Wise Women healing with herbal and shamanic teachings.   I am Reiki Master with Mikao Usui linage. I have certification in Dying Consciously with Kitty Edwards from The Institute of Energy Medicine and Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist.  At this time I am currently learning traditional Mayan, Aztec  and Mexica medicine with Omextli Tlalli Kapulli - Sun Moon Lodge in Lafayette Colorado.

I have also taken workshops with Sonia Choquette, Donna Eden, Dr. Dryer, Sylvia Browne, Robert Reeves and many other shamans.  I am continuing with my Shamanic and spiritual studies to help shift and change things inside myself and to help others empower themselves on their path.

 I love guiding people on their spiritual journey and empowerment.  My teachings are based on Spiritualism and not Religion!  So it should not interfere with any religious or spiritual beliefs that you may have.  My place is open to all who hear the calling of spirit in their hearts whether it be to heal, learn, or teach others, I welcome you on your personal and spiritual journey. I am about empowering you and allowing you to become fully present in your life and journey.
 Trina Zaragoza


 Trina Zaragoza is an Angelic Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, Energy and Spiritual Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner, and Teacher who holds a broad spectrum of certifications and training in traditional healing therapies.  She has studied Angelic therapies energy therapies, botanical therapies, and shamanism,  her life’s work is dedicated to holistic healing, Spirituality, the enlightenment and empowerment of others.  Her calling and focus in her practice and classes focus on health, healing, empowerment, and balance in one’s life. She has over 10 years of professional experience in her practice.  She is the founder and operator of Altered Haven™, SCL 

 ** None of the therapies or practices listed on Altered Haven’s website are to be viewed as a substitution for medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment. Trina Zaragoza is not a medical doctor or a psychologist. If you have concerns with regard to any medical or psychological issues please consult a medical doctor or psychologist. **