Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the other side or as some people call heaven?
The other side is not above us or below us, but it's actually all around us. Everything is made of energy and vibrations. The vibration of our physical world is slow and dense, making us solid. The other side vibrates at a much higher rate and or energy. There is a thin vale between this world and the spirit world, the difference in vibrations is what separates each other is the frequency of the vibrations.  

Do you call the dead?
No. They, like us, have free will. We do not have power over them. Some people who have come to me for a reading may want to connect with a certain person but they may get someone they were not expecting. It is not a case of 1-800-Dial-the-dead! 


How can someone raise their own vibration level?
There are many ways to start to raise your vibrations. To start is through meditation. Every time you meditate, you’re bringing more energy into your physical and spiritual body and at the same time, you’re charging your chakras (energy centers), as well as reinforcing and expanding your aura. Working with others in a meditation group or a psychic development group will greatly assist in raising your vibration. You know the old saying is true, “there is power in numbers.” 

Do psychics automatically “read” everyone’s mind that they meet? 

This is a misconception.  Connecting with another person’s energy requires mental focus and can be quite exhausting.  Psychics are not mind readers, they are energy translators.  When not in a session, most psychics “turn off” their channels to only receive information from their guides that is required for that specific experience.  To engage in daily activities, completely open and receiving information about everyone and everything would be a mental and energetic overload, not to mention unnecessary.  Unless a psychic desires to provide information for a specific individual, they generally will not receive it. 

How can you do a reading over the phone?  Doesn't it work better in person? 

It does not have to be in person to have an accurate reading!   By calling in, connecting through chat or text message, you are automatically entering into an "energetic contract" for that reading.  As a trained intuitive, I simply plug into our connection (also called an energy hook), and the reading starts to flow.  As a new reader, most readings are done in person, for training or learning purposes.  With experience, the reader is able to "hook" into the energy within and around you.

What do I need to do to receive the best possible reading? 

Release your expectations for what you want to hear.  That is the greatest block to information flowing for me to receive it.   If you are asking about a romantic affiliation, and expect to hear one thing, and yet hear another, that can be extremely disappointing.   I encourage you to come in with an "open heart and mind" so that Spirit can freely offer you messages of hope and healing.

Are psychics 100% accurate? 

No individual in any field is 100% accurate.  Psychics receive fragmented information.  Receiving intuitive  information is similar to assembling a puzzle. You move forward piece by piece, until you have the beginnings of a picture and then must convey that information to the client.  There are times where the images or metaphors (as there is no language in the non-physical realm) are misinterpreted by the psychic.  There are times when the client cannot confirm the information until a later date.  Never hesitate to ask for clarifications if you do not understand the message.  It is our psychics' desire to be accurate and clear.  They are here for you. The only “stupid question” is the question that has gone unasked. 

Can a psychic repair a broken relationship? 

A psychic has the ability to see both sides of a situation. Through understanding of the actual issue through your partner’s eyes, you may be able to implement changes necessary (on your side) to start the process for healing.  However, couples counseling is always most beneficial. No relationship issue is ever all one sided. We can only change ourselves, not the people around us. However, as long as the base energy of love exists between two individuals….all is possible. 


Should I take notes or can I record the session?

I don’t record the session so taking notes or taking a recording on your phone is a good idea. I generally make a fair number of practical suggestions and share a lot of information and it’s best to write things down so you don’t forget them. On occasion, I may share something that won’t resonate with you – many times it will make sense in a few days or even months later and it is helpful to have a record of what we discussed.