Chakra Class

Chakra Class

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 This month we are focusing on sacral chakra....The energy center of emotions, passion and creativity. Please bring homework from root chakra. We will being doing a opening and healing with this chakra so plan Saturday for a self care day. We will learn to make crystal essence and sacral spray. 


Chakra Series Classes

Presented by Trina Zaragoza
Intuitive Shamanic Teacher

Come learn and move through the chakras, we will explore one chakra per month.  This class is not to just learn about these beautiful energy centers but to also do deep into them for your shifting and higher vibration. Come bring balance and synergy into your life by working with your chakras.

We will work with crystals, essences, essential oils,
pendulum work, and deep spiritual shifting.  
This a great place to start any kind of spiritual exploring.

Spots: 12 spots per class
Cost: $35.00 per month
(Attendance at each Session is recommended but not required)

Schedule of Classes
April 26th:  First (root) Chakra
                      Earth Survival & Connection -already done.

May 31st:    Second (sacral) Chakra
                       Seat of Passion & Creativity

June 21st:    Third (solar plexus) Chakra
                       Self power & Identity

July 26th:    Fourth (heart) Chakra
                      Center of Compassion & Love

August 23rd: Fifth (throat) Chakra
                          Expression of  Self Truth

Sept. 27th:     Sixth (3rd eye) Chakra

October 25th:  Seventh (crown) Chakra
                         Spiritual connection

Nov 15th:         Eighth class
                            Closing & sacred contracts  

Jan 24th:           9th class

                           High Heart Chakra class