Talking Circle Gathering

Come gather with community and come ask some of your spiritual questions.  

We will talk about this coming year and moving into our highest potential for 2020.  We will do a welcoming of the New Year Ceremony!

CO-Host will be Carl Borrego. We will talk about this coming year and moving into our highest potential.
We will do a welcoming of the New Year Ceremony!

Sunday March 1st  Circle

Trina Zaragoza & Guest Host Jennifer Donnelly

Jennifer Donnelly is an intuitive, beautiful  and just an amazing soul.  She helps you see things from a different perceptive with heart eyes.  

We will talk about opening our heart centers and doing a ceremony ritual to open heart chakra and high heart chakra for healing and balancing in ones life 

**Breaking of bread with community! (bring a side food item to share)**



Sacred Space and Smudging Class

Sacred Space and Smudging Class

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

When Saturday March 28th

Time: 10:00 am -3:00 pm

Class cost $100.00 per person


Smudging kit with traditional Popochcomitl, feather, instant charcoal, 7 different herbs/resin/salts used with clearing worth $150

** This class is an requirement for Shamanic series class, Angelic series class, and Intuitive series starting in April 2020

What this Class will Teach:
* A Foundation in "How to Smudge" based on traditional practices 

* How to practice to your needs and to Release old energies, and Invite positivity and love into your space 

* What it means to "Honor the Medicine" in your smudge ceremony 

* Smudging "how to" with personal aura cleanse, house blessings, blessing of sacred tools, and setting sacred space

* Learn about various Sacred Plants, beyond sage: what makes them a Sacred Medicine and varied ways of working with them

 * Students will get their own smudging kits with class, that we will bless

* Gain confidence in conducting strong and effective rituals/ceremonies that create balance and wholeness

What other students have said about the class

“Class is worth more than the $100 charged”

“I loved everything about this class”

“This class was great, worth the value!”

“ This class was way more valuable then charged, it was so much knowledge!”

“Felt like I am learning a new language with the plants and smoke”

“So much depth that will continue after this class as well.”